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KVL / Klausuren / MAP 1st HS: 18.04  2nd HS: 06.06 25.07  begin WS: 15.10

4020160065 General Relativity  VVZ 

Fri 9-11
weekly NEW 14 1'09 (32) Axel Kleinschmidt, Herrmann Nicolai, Maria Rodriguez
Fri 11-13
14-day NEW 14 1'09 (32) Axel Kleinschmidt, Herrmann Nicolai, Maria Rodriguez

Digital- & Präsenz-basierter Kurs

classroom language
Understanding gravity from curved space-time; knowledge of the classical effects of general relativity
Classical mechanics with special relativity
structure / topics / contents
Special relativity (reminder)
Differential geometry
Einstein field equations
Tests and properties of general relativity
Gravitational waves
Basic cosmology
assigned modules
P22.2 P22
amount, credit points; Exam / major course assessment
3 SWS, 5 SP/ECTS (Arbeitsanteil im Modul für diese Lehrveranstaltung, nicht verbindlich)
Oral or written exam (90-180 minutes) plus preparation
Carroll. An Introduction to General Relativity.
Schutz. A first course in General Relativity.
Wald. General Relativity.
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