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summer sem. 2021
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Department of Chemistry
open physics
KVL / Klausuren / MAP 1st HS: 12.04  2nd HS: 31.05  sem.br.: 19.07  begin WS: 12.04

2020210054 Modern electronic structure methods  VVZ 

Thu 15-17
weekly nV or digital (0) Denis Usvyat
Fri 14-16
weekly nV or digital (0) Denis Usvyat

Digitaler Kurs

classroom language
In this course the students will learn how to develop quantum chemical methods and implement them in computer programs.

The course will be taught in English
Knowledge of quantum mechanics and a general understanding of the electronic structure theory (the Born-Oppenheimer approximation, Hartree-Fock method, etc)
assigned modules
amount, credit points; Exam / major course assessment
4 SWS, 5 SP/ECTS (Arbeitsanteil im Modul für diese Lehrveranstaltung, nicht verbindlich)
Multimediale Prüfung (45 Minuten) sowie Vorbereitung
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