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summer sem. 2021
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KVL / Klausuren / MAP 1st HS: 12.04  2nd HS: 31.05  sem.br.: 19.07  begin WS: 12.04

4020210121 Introduction to extragalactic astronomy and cosmology  VVZ 

Tue 9-11
weekly nV or digital (0) David Berge
Wed 11-13
weekly nV or digital (0) David Berge

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Introduction to basics of extra-galactic astronomy and cosmology
Basic mandatory courses in physics and mathematics
Structure / topics / contents
1 Introduction

* Olbers paradox
* Hubble law
* Hubble radius/time
* Redshift
* Big Bang
* Cosmic Microwave Background

2 Friedmann Universe
* Homogenity and Istrotropy
* Friedmann equations
* Expansion history of Universe, including EoS, matter, vacuum, energy and radiation
* Redshift in Friedmann Universe
* Composition of the Universe today

3 Structure formation and Dark matter
* Growth of structure
* Role of dark matter

4 Galaxies
* Galaxy classification
* Rotation curves
* Luminosity function
* Black Holes
* Active Galaxies (Accretion, Eddington lumi, etc)

5 Stellar compact objects / endgame of stars
* White Dwarfs, Neutron Stars, stellar Black Holes
* Supernovae, Gamma-Ray Bursts
* Binary systems, Gravitational Waves
Assigned modules
Amount, credit points; Exam / major course assessment
4 SWS, 6 SP/ECTS (Arbeitsanteil im Modul für diese Lehrveranstaltung, nicht verbindlich)
Active participation in lectures and tutorials, solution of 50% of homework and final exam, oral examination
The course will be taught in English
David Berge, berge@physik.hu-berlin.de
Peter Schneider. Einfuehrung in die extragalaktische Astrononmie und Kosmologie. Springer-Verlag
Barbara Ryden. Introduction to Cosmology. Cambridge
Karttunen, Kröger, Oja, Poutanen, Donner. Fundamental Astronomy. Springer
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