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winter sem. 2021
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Department of Physics
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KVL / Klausuren / MAP 1st HS: 18.10  2nd HS: 13.12  sem.br.: 21.02  begin SS: 10.04

4020215006 Theoretical Physics IV Advanced Quantum Theory  VVZ 

Tue 13-15
weekly NEW 14 1'15 (60) Alejandro Saenz
Fri 11-13
weekly NEW 14 1'15 (60)
UE weekly Till Martini
UE weekly Till Martini
UE weekly Bennet Grützner
TU weekly Alejandro Saenz

Digital- & Präsenz-basierter Kurs

This module expands and deepens the knowledge about concepts and methods in quantum theory. This knowledge will be applied to the solution of specific problems in quantum mechanics.
Knowledge of and commend on the content
of modules P1b, P2a, P2b, and P3.
Structure / topics / contents
- Quantum mechanical dynamics
- Approximation methods
- Motion in an electromagnetic field
- Many-particle systems
- Atoms and molecules
- Relativistic quantum mechanics
- Elements of scattering theory
Assigned modules
UeWP P2.4 / P9a (SO 2010) / Pe4 Pe4 UeFW
Amount, credit points; Exam / major course assessment
6 SWS, 8 SP/ECTS (Arbeitsanteil im Modul für diese Lehrveranstaltung, nicht verbindlich)
Written exam (120 minutes).
Prof. Dr. Alejandro Saenz, Newtonstr. 15, Raum 2'208, Tel.: 4902
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